From the greek χρώμα (chróma):


A generative on-chain NFT collection, including a novel autonomous token delivery mechanism that empowers collectors with supply control, named CHROMA CACHE

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  • When the Coder mints Token Zero, the Initial Supply of the series becomes publicly available for minting.
  • The contract uses it's own address, the transaction block hash and owner's wallet as seeds to generate the artwork, making it impossible to replicate, even if the contract is re-published.
  • Pixels are generated and stored on-chain, where they reside forever. Rug Pull proof.
Initial Supply
  • The Initial Supply is 50% of the Maximum Supply, which is limited. Each series has different supply amounts.
  • Collectors can start purchasing artwork using an Ethereum MetaMask wallet. Wallets are free and confidential.
  • CHROMA tokens can be experience by everybody, but only owners will be able to interact with them to generate new artworks.
  • The Coder shares ownership of Token Zeros with everybody. Abuse it.
To Build Or Not To Build
  • At the time of purchase, collectors must choose if they want to Build the token code or keep it as a Source.
  • If one chooses To Build, the definitive artwork is generated on the blockchain by the Smart Contract, and pixels can be enjoyed.
  • If one chooses Not To Build, the artwork will not be generated, the token will be minted as Source. It can be built later, here, spending a little gas.
  • Sources can be also be traded like any other NFT, passing the right to build to the new owner.
  • Collectors can buy mutiple tokens in a single transaction (up to 5% of maximum supply). If those tokens are built at time of purchase, they become twins, sharing the same palette and seamlessly chained into each other.
The Scarcity Game
---  Scarcity value is an economic factor describing the increase in an item's relative price by an artificially low supply. (from Wikipedia)
  • After the Initial Supply is sold out, the availability of the remaining 50% is completely on the collectors' hands. This is the Holder's Cache.
  • Only 10% of the Maximum Supply can be available at any time, but only if less than 10% of the supply are Not Built.
  • Only Source Holders are able to mint new tokens, by building one of their own. And being quick.
  • This Power to Mint adds value to Source Tokens.
How Token Prices Are Calculated
  • The price of the First Token is always hard-coded in the contract.
  • The second will cost 2 times the first...
  • The third will cost 3 times the first, and so on...
  • Until the last token, costing N times the first.
  • Secondary market ROYALTIES will be 2.5%
Need help?
  • The Help page contains practical info, on how to buy and sell NFTs.
  • Join our Discord server to chat with the team and collectors.
  • There's also a #chroma-faq channel on Discord.