• You will need to install the METAMASK desktop browser extension and open a WALLET. Wallets are free and confidential, if you wish so.
  • BUY some ETHER and deposit into your MetaMask wallet.
  • Now you can MINT a few NFT TOKENS from our COLLECTIONS. Minting is the act of GENERATING new, UNIQUE NFTs, by paying it's price in ETH and a GAS fee.
  • Your minted tokens will be available on the WALLET page, and
  • is also where you can TRADE NFTs with the community.
  • Warning I: When starting the purchase transaction with MetaMask, you can choose Slow, Average or Fast gas fee, but please never change Gas Price or Gas Limit unless you understand what you're doing! You can lose your gas or hang your transaction. If you think the GAS fee is too expensive, you can monitor gas prices with GAS TRACKER and come back when it's cheaper.
  • Warning II: Ethereum is very reliable, but sometimes the blockchain can get a little too congested and transactions may fail. It can cause users to lose their gas before minting is complete. We cannot be responsible for those situations. Transactions and fees cannot be undone.


  • collect-code is a platform for minting original and unique DIGITAL ARTWORK collections, as ERC-721 TOKENS, a.k.a NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS, a.k.a. NFTs.
  • NFTs live on ETHEREUM, a decentralized BLOCKCHAIN network. Here's a good video explaining what are NFTs. The The Non-Fungible Token Bible by OpenSea is considered the defitinve NFT guide.
  • NFTs are generated by SMART CONTRACTS, transparent COMPUTER PROGRAMS running on the blockchain, describing the rules of how transactions are made and stored. Links to the public contracts are available in each collection page.
  • Our Smart Contracts generate and store the artwork ON-CHAIN.
  • The CORE of our ERC-271 contracts was made and audited by OpenZeppelin, and enhanced by us. Contracts and Store developed using the TRUFFLE SUITE.
  • Artwork prototyped with PROCESSING and P5JS.


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